Terms & conditions


There are absolutely NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for eyelash extensions.

If we (The Ambitious Hu$tle) are at fault, ALL hair MUST be in its NATURAL state! There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO chemicals, dye, cut wefts, etc added to the hair. The hair must still have the BUNDLE WRAP that comes with the hair. 

You will be held responsible for ALL shipping fees and other transactions dealing with getting the hair returned back to us, UNLESS we are at fault!

The hair MUST be shipped back to us within 7 days of the original purchase for refunds to be issued out! We ask that you keep your mailing and billing address the same.

maintenance & styling

You ambitious gals should ALWAYS treat your ambitious bundles as if it is your own NATURAL hair. You should use good quality products on your hair extensions. Remember, it is also important to keep your hair moisturized. When styling your extensions with heat, we STRONGLY suggest using a thermal protectant. If you're not sure about how to color the hair, PLEASE take it to a licensed professional. All hair comes in natural 1B color. Also, keep in mind that each bundle comes from a  different donor, so each bundle may slightly vary in color. With proper care, your ambitious bundles can last you up to 2+ years.